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Lets Not Forget

Alongside an emotive brand film, 56 Black Men is collaborating for a second time with out-of-home giant Clear Channel, utilizing its network of billboards to bring the message home.

“We have the opportunity, and indeed responsibility, to use our very public medium to talk about difficult subjects – the things people don’t want to get wrong and so often avoid,“ explains Richard Bon, joint managing director at Clear Channel. “By joining forces with 56 Black Men again and amplifying the ‘Let’s Not Forget’ message, we want to play a positive part in the fight against racism and in driving for a more equal world.”

Cephas Williams, founder of the 56 Black Men project, has launched a campaign calling on the public to remember the names of black people who have been killed by police and to take action against racism. 

Speaking on BBC Breakfast this morning (Wednesday), Williams said: "One of the biggest issues is we forget. People feel sorry and guilty, but it’s not about feeling guilty or feeling sorry or about going silent for one day [for #blackouttuesday]. It’s about what you’re going to do moving forward. The issue is that people don’t want to remember." |

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