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In light of this campaign that surfaced in November 2019, 56 Black Men will be doing our own campaign against racism in football.


Simply put, this is an official response by 56 Black Men and for black men to racism in football. We've stood by for years and watched black men get abused through this sport both on and off the pitch, we've sat back while other people lead and curate the conversation around racism towards black players and black menThis recent campaign that featured 3 portrait images of monkeys in an effort to combat racism is the straw that broke the camels back. And stands to show us that if we do not take control of our own narrative, other people will.


Cephas Williams will be doing another portrait series uniting black men who are football players and fans in line with our mission to put black men at the forefront of our own conversation. Bringing black men together to stand united against racism without sugar coating it.


Racism not only has a detrimental effect on the experience on the pitch, but has an even wider effect on the community from various angles. Black Men have had to stand by and watch while a sport we love is used as a vehicle to dehumanise us based on the colour of our skin and our ethnicity.

The strap line 'We Are Not Monkeys' stemming from this recent 'No To Racism' campaign but equally informed by the abuse many black players have suffered across the year on the pitch and many black football lovers have suffered off the pitch, from monkey chants, to being called monkeys, to having bananas throws at us.

In line with the vision of 56 Black Men we will be using this as an opportunity not only to unite against racism as black men and our allies, but to also spotlight the many things that black men are, on and off the pitch, 1 of which is defiantly not monkeys.

In light of the recent 'No To Racism' campaign that saw 3 monkey portraits amplified as seen above, this is our effort to make sure black men are adequately represented, empowered and heard for the variety of great things we are and to ensure that we lead on this very important conversation.

If you are interested in being involved in this campaign, please express your interest below.


Please sign up below to express interest in being a part of this new campaign, 56 men will be selected for the portrait series and also for the video campaign 

Thanks for standing with us

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